Designed to lift us up essentially, Pultec launches Zodiac EP on Atoms. Working his creative interpretation of progressive psytrance blending other genres in general. His original drive on the production of Progressive Psy trance makes his tracks a twisted mix mind blowing dance floors worldwide.

Atoms Records Rewind Compilation Vol.1

Pyjamarama is the computer game for the old school ZX Spectrum. Pultec's release 2013 interpretation creates a nostalgia of a buoyant progressive psytrance and techno 

Atoms Records proudly presents the new EP In Between by Inverted.Victor Kriskovich ( Neo Genetic ) is Inverted the talented Progressive Psy Trance from Israel,



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  • Atoms Records Rewind Compilation Vol.1 - ATVAD013
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  • Eternal Love by Microlin - AT1ABD008
  • You Don't Have to Go by PULTEC  - AT1EPD007

  In Between​ EP by

PULTEC - CD Album 

Coming Soon

Atoms Records Rewind
​Compilation Vol.1
  Pyjamarama EP by
We are pleased to introduce…
Djane LunaTaleS
We are so excited to be working with this excellent djane on  Atoms Records, inspiring and getting  love into the hands of your listeners.  LunaTaleS lives in Sweden, and brings  her energy, entrepreneurship and a music library science background to progressive psytrance music. She plays to give people feel the energy  LunaTaleS is enthusiastic about her role on the progressive psytrance.